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About Us

We connect people together who care about the consequences of climate change around the world, allowing them to join efforts and maximize their positive impact on the environment by accelerating the global adoption of solar and green energies. We have greenpact together.

Our Mission

Climate change is a fact, but also a fact is that in a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in an year!

So why don’t we use the free energy from the sun to generate our electricity and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions substantially? One reason is that in the most sunny countries either are not aware about the option or they lack of efficient financial opportunities. That’s the reason we aim to address these both issues.

Our Vision

We envision a world acting together to democratize the energy, making people independent and reducing the carbon dioxide emissions. We want to make everybody part of the solution, not of the pollution.

Our Achievements

Due to the recent legal reform Mexico offers new interesting business models for distributed generation. We at Solmates developed one of them thinking about installing solar panels on the rooftops of Mexican families. Die numbers have convinced us in such a way that we decide to fund our first prototype from our pockets.

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